The Queen Mothers

Dates: 1 March, 2018 - 29 March, 2018
Reception: 1 March, -
Location: Project Ability Gallery, 1st Floor, Gallery II, Trongate 103, Glasgow

The Queen Mothers

queen mothers

‘The Queen Mothers‘ group show is a result of Mandy McIntosh coming in to Project Ability to work with the first women only art group comprised of regular artists who use the studio.

Using an existing feminist aesthetic vocabulary of textile and collage, the women worked individually, testing both the new working environment of an all woman’s group, and new approaches. Mandy brought vintage Vogue magazines, NME, Uncut, Grazia, Hello and other glossies, from which the group plundered and cannibalised images according to their own fascinations and statement desires. Since they worked on cloth which had been donated by John Lewis, there is a richness and a sumptuous material quality to the work, as well as the Agitprop* t-shirt language, all of which have found a home on women’s bodies of various dimensions.

Exhibiting artists: Claire Parker, Jacqui Smyth, Judith Abubaker, Mandy McIntosh and Stephanie Thomson

*Agitprop= political (originally communist) propaganda, especially in art or literature.