The 2024 Rachel Hook Collection

Rachel Hook

Rachel Hook attends Project Ability‘s Create programme. Rachel is a painter of insistently new and elaborate shapes, which she precariously balances on stark white paper or flaming painted backgrounds. For Rachel, colour is important; she uses it to create abstract paintings with dashes, stripes and brushstrokes. Scale too is important, from small intricate works to very large bold statements in a process of expression with both obvious intent and evident accident.

These new paintings on canvas have all been created in the last year. It took some time for Rachel to readjust to the Project Ability studio, after so much of her routine was taken from her during the pandemic. Rachel really struggled during this time period, and so it is a wonderful to see she has begun to paint again. This body of work shows a maturity that wasn’t as clear a few years ago, and it is a delight to be able to share them with our audience. Like a flurry of rainbow feathered birds, this body of work is filled with movement, expression and a lightness that seems to breathe with life on the surface of the canvases. They come from a place of happiness and the joy they exude makes each one a celebration of creativity and art.

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