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Adnan Mohammed

Features by Adnan

Features by Adnan is a collection of ceramic artworks by Aspire artist Adnan Mohammed. These ceramic heads have been made over the past year, and each individual piece has been hand crafted and sculpted to give very defining facial features and expressions.

Often these small busts start out as a specific character from the television or a celebrity figure of some kind, and through the making process they transform themselves; sometimes into mythical creatures and other times into highly exaggerated representations of themselves.

We’ve watched Adnan create these sculptures with determination, creativity and a skill that has caught the eye of everyone in the studios. Together they make a playful exhibition full of personality and character. The collection gives a wonderful look into the mind of the artist, and through and the individual presence each one holds, we can appreciate the time, skill and ingenuity put into this body of work.

In addition to his ceramic work, Adnan is currently working with students from the Glasgow School of Art on a collaborative project in the studios here at Trongate 103. Follow our blog for more info or get in contact to find out more!

Adnan 's Work