Martin Sloss

Glasgow Spring

Martin Sloss

Martin works from photographs and paints with unusual and harmonious chromatic reality. Plentiful amounts of thick paint give Martin’s paintings an object-like quality, repeating compositional formats that show only part of the picture or scene. He has a signature mark you’ll find in most of his paintings – finger print size paint splotches dotted over part of the canvas. These marks sometime signify rain, or reflections in water, markings on stone buildings and a variety of other elements of the landscape. His colour palette is always appealing, one of his strongest talents lies in choosing the colours for each new canvas.

“Hi, I am Martin, aged 41 years and I am from the Maryhill area of Glasgow. I have been an artist since 2012 with the help of Project Ability. I have had my art exhibited in several places over the years and have sold many paintings including three to the NHS in 2017, and many others to individulas who visit the Project Ability gallery and shop. You can find two paintings of mine in the NHS offices and one in the Gyle Aty Gallery in Edinburgh. My hobbies are drama and I am a member of Independance, a local performance dance group based in the Tramway Theatre every Wednesday. My inspiration for my art is taken from books and is generally landscapes which I enjoy.”

Many of Martin’s paintings are for available for purchase. Please get in touch if you’d like to know about sizes and prices.

Martin 's Work