Rachel Hook

Bright Lights (2017)

Rachel Hook

Rachel Hook attends Project Ability‘s Create programme.

Rachel is a painter of insistently elaborate shapes, which she precariously balances on stark white paper or on flaming painted backgrounds. For Rachel, colour is important; she uses it to create abstract paintings with dashes, stripes and brushstrokes. Scale too is important, from small intricate works to very large bold statements in a process of expression with both obvious intent and evident accident. Rachel also likes to draw and, in contrast to her paintings, coloured pen drawings are a careful build up of outlines to create one kaleidoscopic form. Elephants, deer, trees and birds take the form of variously shaped swatches of rainbow lines and with increasing complexity these interesting animals emerge from a background of stark white paper.

We have a beautiful selection of new paintings by Rachel, available for purchase in our online shop. Follow this link to view these new paintings.

Rachel 's Work