Announcing…. Glasgow International 2020!

We are very pleased to announce we will be part of Glasgow’s number one art festival in 2020! Glasgow International is an amazing opportunity to see a wide array of fine art from Glasgow and beyond – all right here in our amazing city, and all over the course of two weeks!

We are delighted to announce our Gi 2020 exhibition titled, It’s in the Detail. Featuring three artists, all whom have a focus on drawing with a sharp eye for composing intricately detailed images.

Leslie Thompson from Venture Arts in Manchester,

Nils McDiarmid from Garvald in Edinburgh,

Robin Wise from Newton Dee in Aberdeen,

We’ll be talking a lot about these three amazing artists in the run up to Glasgow International 2020. For now, here is just a little bit of information as to how we came up with the idea for this exhibition, and why we are sure it will be a memorable part of Glasgow International…..

We are interested in the differences in these three artists’ practices, as well as their similarities. Each an adult man with a learning disability, a highly creative mind and skilful ability to draw both from memory and life. These three artists lead very different lives, and we would like to draw attention to how this comes through in their art.

With all three artists, the attention to detail through line making is exceptional. This exhibition will be an astounding presentation of drawings that capture and recreate three very different lives, by three different artists, all at varying stages of their artistic career.