Artwork of the Week – by Judith Abubakar

Artwork of the Week is this curious little creature made from ceramics by Judith Abubakar. With its delicate white spots and curled up legs, it looks a lot like a baby deer. Elk, deer or some other four legged woodland creature, this little piece of ceramics is absolutely precious.

A selection of Judith Abubakar’s ceramic animals will be going on display in the Foyer of Trongate 103 in just a couple of weeks. On March 7th we will be hosting a reception for the exhibition titled …from the 3rd floor. On exhibition with Abubakar will be five other Project Ability artists. Please join us! March 7th is the 1st Thursday of the month which generally means all of the galleries at Trongate 103 will be open late, until 8pm.