GSA Project – Alison Glass

GSA Project - Alison Glass

Alison Glass is a student from the Glasgow School of Art’s Sculpture and Environmental Arts department, and she is one of six students involved in our GSA Project. Here she talks about her collaboration with Aspire artist Paul Connelly.

“Myself and Paul have been working together over the past few weeks in the Aspire group. We have been working with various materials, experimenting to make work we both enjoy making, and experiencing the creative process together.

We began by looking at a book I brought in of old Victorian photographs of hands, and from there started to make figurative drawings and paintings. This led us onto making drypoint prints, and then ceramics.

It has been a fantastic space and environment to work in. I have really enjoyed being able to work collaboratively with someone, and not worry too much about the outcome, as we are both enjoying the process so much. It’s inspiring to see such a great group of artists all creating work in the space, I’ve really valued the creative contributions given by other artists to my ideas.

Over the last few weeks, Paul and myself have both come to realise that the process of creating the work has almost become more important than the final outcome. This has really helped me in remembering why I first started being creative, and to let go of any insecurities I face regarding my work.

Working in Project Ability and working with Paul has been a total change of scenery for me, but has really helped me further my creative development.”

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