Artwork of the Week – Ceramics from Onggi Hangari by Yoonett

Our Artwork of the Week celebrates the beginning of our new exhibition, ‘Onggi Hangari’ by Yoonett. Last night we had a reception for the opening of the show and today the artist invited the public into the gallery for a tea ceremony. With her roots as a Korean Oversees Adoptee, Yoonett (Christina Soo Ja Massey) has been working towards this exhibition for over a year. The result is an absolutely gorgeous array of table ware made on the potter’s wheel, in the Korean tradition. Raised in Berlin, now living and working in Glasgow, Yoonett has a brought her own flare to the Onggi (clay tableware). Hangari describes a medium sized round bellied pot, traditionally used to store and/or ferment food; such as rice, soy sauce and Kimchi.

The artist has beautifully curated the gallery with thought put into every last element of the show. It is a show not to be missed! Most of the ceramics are available to purchase, and each one is completely unique.