Declan and Fergus from KCAT Studio (European Art Summit 2019)

For The European Art Summit next week, we are welcoming artists and their support studios to Project Ability to meet each other, work together and build connections. The next artists and support studio we would like to introduce to you are….. Fergus and Declan from KCAT!

Fergus Fitzgerald

Fergus Fitzgerald works primarily in acrylic on canvas. An avid traveller, particularly to Italy, location greatly informs Fergus’ work. Being a lover of linguistics and books, Fergus enjoys thoroughly researching his subjects for paintings and using text within his paintings.

Fergus paints images exploring various locations he has visited or aspires to visit. Such as Ljubjana Slovenia, Sienna Italy, Cefelu Sicily and Mozart’s birthplace in Salzburg Austria. In an exploration of text as drawing and text as imagery, each painting has text drawn onto the surface weaving his own personal thoughts on the subject of the work with researched facts.

Fergus has shown work at Dublin City Council Offices, Kilkenny Arts Festival, The Glasshouse Gallery, Kilkenny and An Tearmann, Kilcullen Kildare.
In 2014 Fergus took part in I Want To Know, an International exchange and practice development with Co-operations, Luxembourg, SKID, Germany, Pyramid of Arts, Leeds, UK, KCAT Studio Ireland at Ueberlingen, Germany (October 2014).

Fergus had Solo Exhibitions in 2019 Rome Wasn’t Built in a day, Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray Co. Wicklow.

Declan Byrne

For his sculpture works Declan carefully cuts pieces of dried acrylic paint found in painting pallets with scissors, before glueing these small pieces of colour to found objects. There is a remarkable similarity between these sculptures and Declan’s paintings.  In Declan’s paintings he also transforms the world he sees in a very detailed way, by building his work out of multiple small sections of colours.

Declan has shown widely internationally, including in Luxembourg, Finland,
Germany, Australia, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the UK.

He has also shown in Ireland at the Kilkenny Arts Festival, Dublin City Council Offices, The Skibbereen Arts Festival and University College Cork.

He has been involved in a number of exchange and engagements projects, including with Project Ability Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland.

In 2020 Declan is working towards a Retrospective Exhibition, In Kilkenny and a solo show in Atypical Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland.


The KCAT Studio is based in Callan Co. Kilkenny Ireland.

The Studio Artists are professional artists who have built their reputations on years of practice.

KCAT Studio Artists work autonomously to create their own work which is exhibited and sold in professional galleries throughout Ireland and the rest of the world.

Through their own perseverance artists who work in KCAT Studio have created a situation where they are truly included in the wider artist community and society at large.

The Artists are Andrew Pike, Brianna Hurley, Declan Byrne, Diana Chambers, Eileen Mulrooney, Fergus Fitzgerald, Fintin Kelly Jason Turner, Lorna Corrigan, Margaret Walker, Mary Cody, Sinead Fahey, Thomas Barron.

Top Image Fergus