Dirk from Geyso20 (European Art Summit)

For The European Art Summit we are welcoming artists and their support studios to Project Ability to meet each other, work together and build connections. The third artist and studio we would like to introduce to you is…. Dirk from Geyso20.

Meet Dirk!

Dirk Geffers draws, paints, writes texts, invents names and tests sounds, ratios and perspectives. He considers his surroundings with the eye of an art explorer! He works with one theme until he feels he is finished, and then begins his work on another. A piece of mouldy bread lead to an entire series of pictures, in which he explores the way in which mould grows on food. Different shades of green are mixed, compared, judged and commented upon in pieces about colour, contrasts and their impact on emotions.

He collects poster paper, cardboard and plastic containers, all of which are a similar colour of this theme. After he collects these items, he uses them in his work.


The studio Geyso20 is a place of artistic production. In this studio, people with disabilities have the freedom and space to cultivate their own individual expression of pictures and forms.

The gallery Geyso20 facilitates a vivid discourse on outsider art and supports a dialogue between different artistic perspectives. The gallery displays both the artists of the studio Geyso20 as well as guest artists, initiates tender and supports artistic collaborations. Through exhibitions, art talks, film screenings and readings, the gallery directs attention to the special cultural contribution of outsider art.

The collection Geyso20 is comprised of a selection of works that represent the unique style of the artists of the studio Geyso20 and one of selected guest artists. The collection documents the history of the studio, contributes to the publication of the works and supports research on outsider art.


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