Garvald Residency – Week 3

Garvald residency week 3

Last week were the last two days of Garvald artists David and Kwok’s residency in our studios. Once again, the wonderful Morven Macrae wrote a blog entry for us.

“Days Four and Five flew by. It has been an extraordinary time for the artists, our heads are spinning with all the work they both produced. It was difficult to stop and leave- we had got into a nice routine and were familiar with the space and people by this week. Both David and Kwok have come back with bounds of ideas. It was fascinating to watch as one idea lead to another. Both artists are really busy and industrious, it was exciting to try and keep up with them. It was great to have the Project Ability facilitators there, suggesting ideas, helping out and pointing us in the right direction. Which was mainly in the direction of the printing press this week!

Garvald residency week 3

David decided his large painting was finished by lunchtime on day 4. He was inspired by Kwok’s printing and wanted to spend the last remaining time doing some printing too. He tried both a cardboard etching and a plastic Perspex plate. He said he preferred the cardboard- the ‘plastic was difficult to scratch- and see where I have scratched’.  David completed a Summer print and an Autumn one of a single tree, and then mixed his colours up on the bigger plastic plate to try and represent the seasons. David observed ‘It comes out back to front’ when you print.

It is really lovely to see an artist try a new process and discover the beautiful marks they make. It is also really interesting for David to have done such a large painting and then a small etching. They contrast really well.

Garvald residency week 3

Kwok spent time printing up some more embossed prints on Thursday, which we have brought back to the studio for him to work into. He also printed up the two plates he had made at the end of the previous week. He chose colours and mixed them beautifully. He made some really vibrant prints of his Tiger Star and his Flower boat.

On the last day Kwok wanted to use clay- he is very skilled with clay and made a flower tile in the morning and one of his horse Dragons in the afternoon. Kwok spent a bit of time chatting on the last day about the difference between printing- scratching into- and clay- adding and building. He was working out the differences between reductive and additive processes involved in making.

Both David and Kwok had some nice chats with tutor Sharon who works on a Thursday and discovered they had a mutual friend. We went out for dinner and met an ex-colleague who used to work with both the artists and now lives in Glasgow.  There was live music and great pizza.

We all felt it ended so soon, however it is clearly not an ending. The artists are inspired by what they have learned, by the space they were working in, and by the people they have met and are full of ideas of what they want to do next.

We are talking about making connections with the Edinburgh Printmakers as it opens very close to us soon.  We are also looking forward to the exhibition of the work at Project Ability.

It is so vital to give artist these opportunities to explore, grow and develop- I can see its impact already, and will continue to for a long time to come I am sure. Thank you to all at Project Ability for making this possible.”
-Morven Macrae

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