GSA Project: Charlotte Hayes

At the beginning of the year, Project Ability welcomed five students from The Glasgow School of Art to work alongside their artists at Trongate103.

The five students shared ideas, working collaboratively and exploring new art mediums with the regular Project Ability artists.

Each student’s project will contribute to their final degree in ‘Sculpture and Environmental Art’.

This week we would like to introduce you to the work of Charlotte Hayes!

‘At the start of the year, I had the opportunity of working alongside the Aspire group on Fridays at Project Ability. The communal working environment is really encouraging to make work freely. With the artists, I have been painting, sewing and making ceramics. In my own practice, I often look at social structures and symbiotic relationships between animals as a way to think about traditions formed by humans. To begin collaborating, I looked at folk festivities, such as May Day celebrations and cheese rolling with the Aspire artists.

Johnathon and I recreated scenes from the film The Wickerman, by painting on fabrics and making ceramic bees which we planned on turning into a mobile. I thought making flags alike to the type which would be carried in a traditional parade would be a fun collaboration. At the IASSIDD exhibition opening in the Project Ability gallery earlier in the year, a small group of the Aspire artists volunteered to draw portraits of the public. This gave me the idea to put on a workshop with John, Doreen and Cameron drawing self-portraits or portraits of other people. We then turned these drawings into flags using scrap fabric. I am hoping to put on this workshop again with more of the artists, in order to create a collection of the flags. The flags may be shown in a parade on midsummers day, as this is traditionally a day of celebration of the summer solstice. We could walk from the Project Ability studios to Glasgow Green, where the artists could draw portraits of the public and have a big picnic with the flags on display.”

Unfortunately due to current circumstances, the project has been put on hold, however, we really hope Charlotte and the Aspire artists can work together again in the future!
Please note, all photographs were taken before lockdown. Project Ability art studios are currently closed and we are following government guidelines to ensure the safety of all staff and artists.
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