GSA Project: Jack McElroy

Since the beginning of the year Project Ability has welcomed five students from The Glasgow School of Art to work alongside their artists at Trongate103.

The five students have been sharing ideas, working collaboratively and exploring new art mediums with the regular Project Ability artists.

Each student’s project will contribute to their final degree in ‘Sculpture and Environmental Art’.

This week we would like to introduce you to the work of Jack McElroy!

Jack’s work so far:

“I have been working alongside artists at Project Ability, making collaborative work to chat and get to know people.

I began researching appropriation art; what it is and how artists have appropriated other artworks to make their own. This seemed like an exciting idea to bring to Project Ability as so many people work from source material to make their work from characters in TV and Film, to remaking famous paintings.

I wanted to work through the medium of collage as it was something I wanted to pick back up in my practice.

During my artist talk I gave each person one of my own artworks and invited them to make a group collage out of my work. One of the first things I did at Project Ability was to install a ‘wall’ inviting everyone in the workshops (ReConnect, Aspire and Create) to join in and paste an old artwork of theirs on the wall to create a collage of Project Ability.

Ongoing work: Making a newspaper

I held a couple of workshops inviting people to make their own collages. I started each workshop by asking the artists “what have you been up to?”. Each of the collages, created in response to this question, will form a page in the newspaper. For the collages, the artists cut and tore pictures and words from old newspapers and magazines. The collection of collages will be printed as one final newspaper.

I really enjoyed the workshop as it was a way of involving everyone in my ideas.  I have also been working with Holly Smith, another GSA student, who has also held a workshop around personas. We hope to bring our workshops together to involve costume, performance, music and party elements with a special guest!”