On the road workshops at Riverbrae School

Our ‘On the Road’ workshops continued with Aspire artist Doreen Kay and tutor Tracy Gorman visiting Riverbrae School in Linwood.  Pupils from 4 classes across their primary and secondary school, worked on creating some beautiful layered prints as well as stencilled tote bags.  It was another productive series of workshops with both pupils and our artists having a great time in the process!

Teacher smiling and holding up a painting of a smiley face on red card to a young child at the school

Young child in a wheelchair looking at his artwork being held up by a teacher

Project Ability artist Doreen stading alongside a young child in a wheelchair at Riverbrae School

group picture of children, teachers and art tutors around a large table with art materials spread out

A young child in a wheelchair with a red apron looking very happy with his painting in front of him on a table

two children in wheelchairs watch an art tutor peel back a blue print that they have collectively made

Art tutor, Tracy, reveling a colourful print on paper to a young boy in a wheelchair

Art tutor peeling back a a large piece of paper to reveal a print to a young boy at the school