Kintsugi Workshop with SooJa

ceramic repair with gold

Running alongside our ONGGI HANGARI, ceramic artist Soo Ja hosted a unique gold repair (Kintsugi) workshop. 6 participants came along with their broken ceramics and were taught how to repair them using gold.

Kintsugi is a Japanese technique to repair Ceramics; “Gold Joinery” Kin is “Gold” and Tsugi “Joinery”. It can also be known as Kintsukuroi “Gold Repair”. The technique was invented after the broken favourite Vase of Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimas came back from China joined together with ugly Metal. Thereafter Japanese Ceramicists sought out a finer way of repairing ceramics. Joining the pieces together with the sap (Urushi Lacquer) of the Urushi tree, thus highlighting the cracks with Gold. In accordance to the Zen philosophy and aesthetics of “wabi sabi” inperfection.

Photo’s by Morag McGill

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