Storytelling Workshop

“On Wednesday the 16th October members of the Heritage Lottery Group met with staff from Glasgow Museums for a writing workshop lead by Wendy.

GMRC brought the brand new handling kit for the Art Extraordinary collection, which was put together in conjunction with Barlinnie Prison Day Services, the final outcome of these writing sessions will be to put together stories to go in the information booklets in the kit.

We worked on several writing exercises and the session was based around Adam Christie.  Adam was an artist who is part of the Art Extraordinary collection, he was a Shetlander who carved stone heads. We were able to see and handle one of his heads, an amazing opportunity, which gave extra perspective when writing about him and his work. We wrote prose and created found poems as well as a group story of his life. At times it was very moving thinking about this gentle man and what he went through in his life. There will be a second writing session led by Wendy in November and it will be based on the life and work of Angus McPhee.”

Blog post by Morag MacGilchrist

Photo’s by Celine Mcilmunn

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