Volunteer’s week of thanks: Johnny Kirkwood

It’s volunteer’s week of thanks! Each term Project Ability welcomes new volunteers to work alongside our artists in ReConnect, Aspire and Create.

We would like to take this time to say a huge thank you to all our dedicated volunteers! It is always so wonderful to see the connections, ideas and artworks that are formed during the blocks of workshops.

We recently asked a few of our volunteers to share their experience with us. Here are a few words from the wonderful Johnny Kirkwood:

“I wasn’t quite ready for just how much of an impact Project Ability would have on me. After my first few weeks of volunteering with the Friday Aspire legends, I felt at home. The sense of community within the studios is great, those Fridays were the highlight of my week! The energy the group created hit me almost instantly, there was never a dull moment. Everyone in the Friday Aspire group has such big hearts and character, I really just spent most of my time chatting and soaking up all the fantastic art that was being made, and learning so many new and fantastic ways of making. They all helped me understand just how important it is to enjoy making art.

Since volunteering at Project Ability, my older brother and I have been working collaboratively, mostly making a lot of drawings, prints and paintings. I had started a creative residency in partnership with GSA and Garnetbank Primary School, before lockdown sort of scuppered those plans. I also recently made a free series of lockdown lesson plans for families during the coronavirus epidemic as part of it. It’s all a bit strange right now.

I can’t thank everyone at Project Ability enough, especially Valerie and the Friday Aspire group. It was such an invaluable experience and one I’ll always cherish. It’s such a unique space in Glasgow and I really look back at my time there as being key to where I’m at now, it really helped me to refocus and get excited about making again during a period of uncertainty.”

Thank you so much for volunteering your time at Project Ability Johnny! We know the ‘Friday Aspire Legends’ really enjoyed having you in the studio with them!

You can see Johnny’s free lessons that he has created during lockdown here.


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