Walking Group: Lush Knot Wrap exhibition / Sogo Gallery

On Wednesday 1st November there was a new Lush exhibition in the Project Ability gallery so we popped down to see that before going out. The gallery was an explosion of colour with a large number of fabric wraps from the Lush range on display. There was also an opportunity to have a go at wrapping up some of the Lush products that were there and we also enjoyed sniffing these and guessing what the aromas were.
It had been raining all day so we were glad we weren’t going far and just making the short journey to Saltmarket to see the new exhibition in Sogo Gallery. To see is to forget the name of the thing one sees is an exhibition of images by five artists that the curator met on social media and wanted to share their work in a gallery. The pictures provoked lots of discussion from the group with Tim Niel’s fleeting water surfaces and Alan Curral’s atmospheric landscapes being particular favourites.
After some chat with Craig, the gallery owner, it was back out into what was now torrential rain. We decided against extending our walk to Glasgow Green and instead headed back to base and homeward to dry off and warm up.
Text by Celine Mcilmunn
Photographs by Celine Mcilmunn and Stuart Low