Xmas flyer 2009

Xmas Show

Project Ability’s annual ‘Xmas show’ is a collection of new works that have been produced over the year, ranging in a variety of mediums; drawing, painting and craft. The ‘Xmas show’ at Project Ability will combine work from all three…Read On

Ntiense Eno Amooguaye

Magnetic Forces

Ntiense Eno-Amooquaye, Selina Helene, Mawuena Kattah, Doreen McPherson, Philomena Powell and Clifton Wright (Intoart) and Elspeth Blair, Edward Henry, Doreen Kay, Robert McCamley, Ronnie McCulloch, Tommy Mason, Cameron Morgan, Robert Reddick (Project Ability). ‘Magnetic Forces’ is a collaborative exhibition between…Read On

Doreen Kaye, Paul Newman

Ourselves and Others

Project Ability opens its new gallery at Trongate 103 with Ourselves and Others, an exhibition which explores the human experience through the study of portraiture, relationships and social and domestic activities. This inaugural exhibition celebrates the creativity and diversity of…Read On