Shop Item of the Week – ‘Portrait of Glasgow’ by David Bradley

Our Shop Item of the Week is ‘Portrait of Glasgow‘ by David Bradley. We’ve just wrapped up a week long fundraising event centred around the portraits David Bradley so often paints. Thanks to everyone who purchased one through the Lucky Dip! And a massive thank you to David Bradley for agreeing to be part of the Project Ability fundraiser, it was a great success!

This painting is a slightly different type of portrait, focusing on some of the more rowdy of Glasgow’s streets. It certainly paints a picture that many of us Glaswegians have come across at one time or another! This painting is available for sale at our online shop for £65. It measures 50 x 40 cm and is painted on stretched canvas. Bradley also paints charming seaside towns with the same skill and character. Check out his web page on the Project Ability website