John Cocozza

John Cocozza attends Project Ability’s Aspire programme.   

John has a varied practice which includes, painting, drawing, ceramics and upcycle sculpture. John has a fascination with Sci-Fi and the subjects for his work are commonly inspired by Dr Who and Star Trek. Most recently John has shown his work with us as part of our Research Room Presents exhibition. He created his own Sci-Fi flying machines based on many of his favourite television programs. 

John also has a talent for landscape and cityscape painting. His bold use of colour and form bring great character and presence to these paintings. Whether his work is sculpture, painting, animal, landscape, figurative or Sci-Fi related, John Cocozza's creativity and diversity is an inspiration. With his vast array of medium and subject matter, we always look forward to seeing what he will be working on next!

John's work

Blake 7 (2015)

Blake 7 (2015)

Space 1999 (2015)

Star Trek (2015)

All the Dr Who (2015)

Italian Church (2015)

Untitled (Zebra) (2013)

Venice (2014)

Lola (2013)

Chrysler Building (2012)

Tardis (2012)

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