Shop Item of the Week ‘Girl,Kitten’ by Jim Feeney

Our Shop Item of the Week features 'Girl and Kitten' by Jim Feeney. This painting measures 50x60cm and can be purchased from our online shop for £190. 'Girl and Kitten' also includes, in addition to the girl and kitten, a large amount of graffiti on the Glasgow tenement wall. The picture initially looks like a scene from 1950's or 60's Glasgow, but upon closer inspection of the graffiti text it is evident that it is a reflection of Glasgow's past and its present. The artist often uses graffiti as subject matter to express political views with a bit of humour, cynicism and nostalgia all rolled into one powerful little painting! Feeney recently had a series of paintings purchased by the NHS for display in their Glasgow offices, and he is currrently working on a new series of nostalgic Glasgow paintings. You can see more of Feeney's work here. If you are interested in purchasing this oil painting on canvas, you can find it here online!

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Cherry Blossoms’ by Anna Russell

Our Artwork of the Week is this beautiful, large scale painting titled 'Cherry Blossoms'! The young artist, Anna Russell, has created this gorgeous piece in Project Ability's Saturday Create workshops. The composition and colours are sophisticated and easy on the eye. The soft brush strokes of the blossoms give a great texture to the surface of the canvas. The paint is thick and the artist has ensured every inch of the canvas has been treated with thoughtful consideration. We don't normally list sizing and prices for our Artwork of the Week, but today is an exception! Sized 100x120cm, this stretched canvas can be purchased from our 2018 Young Talent exhibition for £80. The gallery is currently full of amazing artworks made by the young artists that work here, it is a show not to be missed!

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Open Museum project - Week 5

"Last week the group of artists working on the Open Museum project met with Tony again and also John, the design and technical officer. John will be constructing the core of our display, the core is the section inside a display case that the pieces hang and sit on, it compromises a back and side with shelves custom built to suit the exhibit.

We will be able to go to GMRC and visit to see our specific core being built. We continued to work on our overall theme for the exhibition and what our 150 word statement will be. We also made final choices on the pieces we are putting in, each of us choosing two.

The next step is to finalise all the writing, including a label for each individual piece. We also discussed the opportunity to display photos of our work on the side panels of the display case. We also watched a short film about Angus McPhee by Nick Higgins titled 'Hidden Gifts, the Mystery of Angus McPhee', it was fascinating."
-Morag Macgilchrist

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Meet the Maker - Rachel Elliott

We were lucky enough to be joined by glass artist Rachel Elliott last Friday. Rachel took part in two events: an artist’s talk and a workshop session. Rachel studied Architectural Glass at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating in 2007. Since then she has established both a studio practice and a commercial practice.

Rachel talked us through a number of her creative pieces, the thinking behind them and some of the technical processes, which included mould making, kiln forming, screen printing, core casting and stained glass. She emphasised how much of what she’d learned, she’d done through experimentation, patience and persistence, trying processes repeated times until she was happy with the results.

Following the talk Rachel led a workshop in our studios introducing participants to glass transfers or decals, and some glass painting techniques. Rachel had prepared some decals that had been made from drawings by Project Ability artists. The group learnt how to adhere these to small tumblers, as well as how to work with enamel paints to add additional detail and colour. These will now need to be fired again in our kiln and then they will be safe to use for drinking out of.

Keep an eye on our shop, you might just see some of these new designs appearing for sale in the near future!

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Shop Item of the Week - Ceramic Mask by Gary Turner

Our Shop Item of the week is this ceramic mask made by Gary Turner. It's an original artwork recently made in our Aspire studios here at Trongate 103 in Glasgow. It is currently hanging in our gallery shop. You can also find it for purchase in our online shop here. The earthewaren clay gives the mask a weathered and worn look, adding to it's appeal. It's a gorgeous piece of ceramics and a complete one off!

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Artwork of the Week - ‘What A Unicorn’ by Ruth Price

Artwork of the Week features 'What  Unicorn' by Ruth Price! This painting is a small canvas on a stretcher. The pink and blue colours the artist have chosen are electric! Ruth Price has painted her name as well as the title of the painting straight onto the canvas, and we just love the abstract qualities going on in the pictoral image of this painting. If you stop by Project Ability before 13th October you can check out this painting as well as all the other fantastic artworks in this year's Young Talent exhibition! In our Gallery II we also have featured a solo showcase of new work by Dominic Hemphill-Whyte. All of the artists work in our Create studios for young people. 

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Open Museum project - Week 4

Our Open Museum project is progressing well and in last week's session the group got to meet two persons of great interest: artist and researcher Mike Inglis and art therapist and collector Joyce Laing. Mike was there in person to chat and show the group the short film he has made of interviews with Joyce, whereas Joyce was only present on the screen. Nonetheless, the group got to meet her in digital form and listen to her talking about her collection and some of the people connected to it.

The group have started to write about the artworks they have selected to be part of the exhibition and are looking forward to the next meeting when they will get to see more artworks and continue with the discussions.

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Shop Item of the Week - Waverley Tote Bag by Scott Smith

Shop Item of the Week is this cotton tote bag by Scott Smith. The Waverley ship has been hand drawn by Scott and the bag is machine washable. There is only one Waverley tote bag - so once this ship has sailed you won't find another one like it! For £15 you can purchase it from our gallery shop at Trongate 103 or our online shop!

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Open Museum project - Week 3

After visiting the Glasgow Museum Resource Centre and the Pollok Civic Realm, the Open Museum project is now based in the Project Ability studios for four sessions.

Last week, the group spent most of the session in discussion and raised provocative questions such as “what is outsider art?”, “Should we even use the term ‘outsider art’?”, “What is art?” “How do we measure the value of art?”, “Is the term ‘outsider art’ exclusive?” 

This led to conversations about Joyce Laing’s collecting and how she viewed ‘outsider art’ and importantly – why she called her collection “Art Extraordinary”. These questions will be explored further and will inform how the group wish to interpret the collection for display. During the session, scrapbooking was introduced as a way of both documenting and exploring objects for display. 

In the next session, Edinburgh College of Art Lecturer Mike Inglis will visit the group and show his film and research about Joyce Laing, followed by more discussion with the group. This project is really starting to gather momentum, thanks to the commitment of every one involved! 

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Project Ability Quiz Night

Save the date! Our annual Quiz Night is back this month, on Thursday 27 September, 7pm-9pm.

The very popular event will once more test your general and pop culture knowledge in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Come as a team or join one on the night, only £5 per entry, including a free drink and a raffle ticket.

Tickets are available from our 3rd floor reception.

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Otter’ by Dearbhail McGrory

We're kicking off our 2018 Young Talent show by featuring this lovely little creature as our Artwork of the Week! 'Otter' by Dearbhail McGrory is a small painting on canvas, and it does a fantastic job at portraying the otter scurrying along through his day. Dearbhail is one of 57 youg artists that make up this year's Young Talent exhibition. The show opens this evening (Thursday the 5th September) at 6pm, all welcome! In addition to the Young Talent exhibition, we are happy to announce Dominic Hemphill-Whyte as our Gallery II featured artist during Young Talent. You can read more about Dominic and his work here.

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘£1.69 in Danglers’ by Cameron Morgan and Charlie Hammond

'£1.69 in Danglers' is our Shop Item of the Week! This limited edition print was created by Cameron Morgan and Charlie Hammond during their residency collaboration this past year. Signed by both artists, and measuring 84 x 59cm, this print can be purchased from our online shop for £185.00. There is a green version as well, as pictured below...

You can read more about Morgan and Hammond's project, and the exhibition their exhibition, 'Dangler's of Today', here.

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Artwork of the Week - ‘@net’ by Maika Leffers

Our Artwork of the Week takes one last opportunity to celebrate 'Neu Begegnung', our current exhibition which closes this Saturday. '@net' is a mixed media artwork by Berlin based artist Maika Leffers. Leffers was one of four artists who was able to come visit Glasgow and Project Ability during the Festival 2018. We wanted to take this chance to thank the Festival 2018 one last time for supporting this project and allowing us to make connections with the artists working in Berlin's Alexanier St Hedwig Krakenhaus. And a huge thank you to all the artists who have taken part in the show!

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Open Museum project - Week 2

"Last week our group visited Pollok Civic Realm in order to see the space where the exhibition we are curating is situated. The centre itself is a vast building containing a full leisure centre, health centre, library and nursery amongst other things.

We had a long visit in the dedicated museum space, getting a look at what was on display now and a good feel for the area. The case we will be working on also has side panels that we can fill with printed banners that we may use for some of our own work.

We then toured the facilities with a special objective: to observe just who was visiting the building, as they would be our audience. It seems that almost everyone from the surrounding area is a potential visitor, the cafe attracted high school students on their lunch break, adding a new demographic I certainly hadn't expected.

We then enjoyed sandwiches and cake, with a cup of tea before getting into another long discussion about our plans. We discussed our plan for the theme of the case and how we would advertise the new exhibition. We also touched on issues such as some items being light sensitive and not being able to be in the case for the whole year. A solution was to potentially change an item during the exhibit.

The next few weeks will be spent in the studio here at Project Ability meeting with other people from Glasgow Museums and choosing pieces. We will also begin to start writing both the overall blurb for the exhibit and the individual pieces blurb. It is an exciting project and a privilege to work on."
-Morag Macgilchrist

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Residency: Cameron Morgan and Sandi Kiehlmann

Cameron Morgan has now completed his fifth residency in one year, thanks to funding from Creative Scotland. This time, he went to Dunoon to spend four days with artist (and Project Ability tutor) Sandi Kiehlmann. 

"Cameron and I began our collaboration by exploring the small seaside Victorian town of Dunoon on the west coast of Scotland where I live and have my studio. Cameron used his camera and we both used my iPad to take photos, in particular the Victorian Pier and Castle House Museum.

The museum visit was great to get a sense of the history of the town, and we both enthusiastically took photos of the displays, from children’s toys to a collection of hand made steamships and sail making tools. Frequently we were drawn to the same subject matter and excitedly discussed these beautiful historical objects and artefacts.

At the Dunoon Burgh Hall, I was exhibiting work as part of the Covepark Residency exhibition. Cameron liked the printed melamine plates pieces I was exhibiting and expressed an interest in exploring the souvenir plate theme. I liked the idea of creating collaborative work that could be reproduced in limited editions.

The following day we worked in the studio. Cameron made some drawings and paintings of the chickens in the garden, then spent the remainder of the day working on a large watercolour painting in the studio. I continued to experiment digitally with our work from the previous day, exploring ideas for digital print products such as plates, coasters, chopping board and fabrics.

The next day was the Cowal Gathering, an annual local Highland Games. Thuy, our wonderful volunteer from Budapest joined us for the festivities on a beautiful sunny day. We all enjoyed sitting in the field watching the hammer throwing and caber tossing, and wandering about the tents and attractions, people watching and taking photographs to the sound of pipe bands.Our last day was spent in the studio making artwork based on our photos from the Games. Cameron made his Highland Games paintings and I developed product ideas with them.

Cameron made a range of paintings including the above large watercolour painting of a detail of the Burgh Hall stairwell, it has amazing observational detail, perspective and patterning. The plan is to make a batik based on this painting. Cameron also made drawings and paintings of the chickens and goldfish before beginning on the Highland Games series of paintings.

I am keen to continue to develop print design ideas based on the artwork begun during the residency. The repeat prints of Cameron’s paintings reminded me of Nigerian wax print fabrics in their boldness of imagery and colour (pictured above)."

We all look forward to seeing the finished products! 

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Meet the Volunteers - Stella Phipps

Our new volunteers have just started in the workshops, getting to know the artists and the equipment. We hope they get as much from their experience as Stella Phibbs, who volunteered with us for a year and a half between 2016 and 2018. Here is what she wrote about her experience:

"It’s been an amazing experience volunteering at Project Ability with both adults and children, on the Aspire and Create programmes. (September 2016 – March 2018).

I am a visual artist and facilitator. As soon as I heard about Project Ability I was so keen to get involved! Thank you for this opportunity. It’s been so inspiring and uplifting to me. 

On the Aspire programme, I was warmly welcomed by a lovely group of adult artists, tutors and other volunteers. What struck me was the community spirit, freedom to create art in any medium, incredible studio space and friendly, supportive atmosphere.

I gained so much inspiration from these artists and their spontaneous, playful approach. Also, their attention to detail and pride in their artwork was great to see. The group dynamic was very supportive, with adults of all ages creating art together in their own unique style. I love this sense of joy that art brings people, helping build self-confidence and connections with others.

Working with children on the Saturday Create programme has been fantastic too. These were generally much faster paced sessions, and I love how prolific the kids were, fully immersing themselves in the process of art-making, from sculpture, to intricate drawings, print-making, collage… It’s been lovely getting to know this group too, and seeing strong friendships grow. 

Project Ability has reaffirmed my belief that art is a powerful tool, to heal, empower and transform peoples’ lives. Having facilitated arts workshops for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups of people for several years, I am determined to continue my journey and broaden my experience in this field. 
This September I will begin an MA in Art Therapy at the University of Hertfordshire.

Thank you everyone "
-Stella Phipps

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Robin’ by Robert Reddick

Our Shop Item of the Week is this sweet 'Robin' perched on a tree branch - an original watercolour and ink by Robert Reddick. Measuring 21x30cm this is a beautiful rendition of the little red breasted bird, nestled in amongst the trees and foliage. Have a look in our online shop where you will find this little beauty available to buy for £15. You can also find it in our gallery shop at Trongate 103!

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Artwork of the Week - ‘fur Henry’ by Nina Witzel

'fur Henry' by Nina Witzel is our chosen Artwork of the Week. This beautiful double portrait is filled with rich colour and a textured composition of pattern and design. With guitar in hand, and music sheet laid out in front of them, it is clear there is music being created by these two women. This drawing is on display as part of our current exhibition, 'Neu Begegnung'. You can see this drawing, along with work by 31 other Berlin artists, until 1 September. It is a diverse exhibition of new work made by artists working at St Hedwig Krakenhaus in Berlin.


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Open Museum project - Week 1

"A group of Project Ability artists went to the Glasgow Museums Resource Centre last week to view a collection of art. The collection was donated to Glasgow Museums by Joyce Laing who was an art therapist working with in-patients with mental health issues from the 60's until the 80's.

She collected art from her own patients and others she met at hospitals. The collection is vast, diverse and impressive. We didn't get to see all of it as there is so much in the entire collection. 

After viewing it we went for a tea break and discussed what we had seen. This was when we learned more about the project we will be curating that will be displayed in a space in the Pollok Civic Realm.

We will select work from the collection and write about it. These texts will be displayed with the artworks and will be exhibited for a year. We will also be making our own artwork in response to the collection."
-Morag Macgilchrist

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Tany Raabe-Webber on her visit at Project Ability

"As you all may or may not know, back in Shrewsbury where I live, I have set up and run ArtStudio01, an artist collective. In January 2016 we had a trip to Project Ability to see an exhibition of our work in the Project Ability gallery. This has made us realise that we also have artistic ambitions, and since then our studio group had increased to 9 artists, including myself as an artist and artists’ facilitator.

Because ArtStudio01 has grown and the artists want to show their work and develop their skills and creative practices, I wanted to visit and learn about what other learning disability art studios are doing so that I can develop our studio collective into an inclusive, thriving and successful artists’ hub.

I was recently awarded an Arts Council England, Grants for The Arts Award to do a research and development project into Learning Disability Arts, studio models and artists’ practice. I’m presently touring around on a series of #StudioVisits with my Producer on this project Jennifer Gilbert and Jackie Cooley as an associate artist of ArtStudio01. Project Ability was on our list and it was great to catch up with everyone in the studio too.

We talked, and talked, and talked with Elisabeth Gibson, the Director of Project Ability, who told us loads about the organisation, who does what, what exhibitions you do, how you sell work in the shop and all about the volunteers that support you and all about the artist residencies that happen in and outside of Project Ability. Omg you guys do so much!

A big part of my project is for ArtStudio01 to run our first artist in residence at our studios in Shrewsbury. So we also came to talk to Cameron Morgan who’s going to exhibit his work with us and join us for a short 3 day residency in March next year. We are very excited about this!

I also caught up with Simon McAuley who’s doing a research into identity, labels and self-defining or not as a Disabled Artist. I could have talked and debated all afternoon on this with Simon. It’s really fascinating research and at the core of my own practice as an artist and Disabled Artist. Hope to catch-up again to see where this takes you.

It was so lovely to be back in the studio at Project Ability, and thank you all for such a warm welcome. I’ve realised that as an Associate Artist of Project Ability I’ve lost touch with what you’ve all been doing so I must visit more often to keep in touch. I shall be making an annual visit from now on. See you all next summer!"
-Tanya Raabe-Webber

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Call out for artworks: 30 x 30

Project Ability’s 2018 Annual Christmas Exhibition                                       
24 November – 22 December

Calling ALL artists!

Our annual Christmas exhibition of 2018 celebrates the artist! Our only theme this year is size: all works, whether framed or unframed, must be 30 x 30 cm. All work must hang on the wall.
We want to see your painting, drawing, print making, photography, collage and whatever other mediums represent you and your art practice.

We’re giving each artist complete freedom over subject matter, material and medium. There are no other rules to follow, just get out your ruler and measure your paper, canvas or whatever support you want to use.

This show will be uniformed in appearance by the size of each work, and apart from that it aims to celebrate the individual artist, and their individual practice.

The deadline for submitting work is 2 November. Submit your form and images by email. Artists will be notified by 5 November if their work has been selected. *Not all work submitted will be included in the exhibition*.


All accepted work must be delivered to Project Ability by 13 November.  Project Ability has a commission on all sales of 40%.

If you have questions please email

Up to 3 submissions per artist.

Please email your Submission Form (click to download) along with photos of the work to  A pdf version is available here. The information for submitting can be downloaded here.

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Shop Item of the Week - Stained Glass Sailboat by Jan Thomson

Our Shop Item of the Week is this lovely little stained glass boat by Jan Thomson. Measuring 16x11cm, this sailboat would be a perfect gift for anyone that loves the sea. Jan Thomson has made a small selection of stained glass sailboats for our gallery shop, all in different sizes and colors. You can see a few more pictured below. If you would like to purchase the yellow and green sailboat you can find it available for £15 from our online shop and also our gallery shop at Trongate 103

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Frau im Hemd’ by Robert Latka

Our Artwork of the Week features another brilliant painting from our current exhibition, 'Neu Begegnung'. 'Frau im Hemd (Woman in Shirt)' by Robert Latka is a large painting on paper, standing 100cm tall.  It is a striking picture, much larger than life and its use of the black charcoal against the gorgeous blue paint, to delicately draw the facial features, gives a powerful yet minimal feel to the work.

This piece is on display as part of Festival 2018, which has now ended after a fantastic couple of weeks of exciting events in the city. Our exhibition will stay up until September 1. We have 32 artists from Berlin exhibited in 'Neu Begegnung', all working in a support studio at St Hedwig Krakenhaus in Berlin

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Dundee outing: Maggie’s Penguin Parade

On Monday the 13th of August, a group of 12 Project Ability artists traveled to Dundee to see some of the Maggie's Penguin Parade trail.

In our midst was Ruth Mutch who had painted one the penguins for the event. We meet outside around 10am and traveled by minibus, the drive there was about an hour and a half and the same back, so not a short journey.

Once we arrived we headed to where Ruth's penguin named Penguin PJ's (or PJ for short) is located and took photos with him. We then went on a walk around Dundee city centre spotting as many penguins as we could along the way.

We also saw Desperate Dan and Minnie The Minx too! After around an hour of walking in the rain we were all a little tired and wet, so no one was too sad to return to Glasgow. On the drive back we spotted some more penguins and stopped to get photos.

We arrived home around 3:20pm to find Glasgow dry. All in all a great day was had by all and some excellent penguins spotted.
-Morag Macgilchrist

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On the Road: Kirkintilloch

“I liked mixing the colours of paint. I liked making the bird clock and the silk paint, I hope there will be more classes.
"Art class is good fun. Everyone is friendly."

These are some of the responses we've had from people who attended our recent workshops in the Barony Chambers in Kirkintilloch. With different activities each week, participants had a go at glass painting, silk painting, making clay animals, painting canvas bags and making working clocks.

Our tutors Jason and Celine seem to have enjoyed the workshops as much as the participants and are looking forward to a return visit in October.

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Residency: Cameron Morgan and Tracy Gorman

"I’ve know Cameron for many years, almost 18 to the day in fact, when I first started working at Project Ability. Whilst I’ve worked alongside him in many workshop situations, I’ve never had the opportunity to work directly with him to produce a body of work in partnership. To say I was delighted to have this opportunity would be an understatement.

We were allocated five intensive days in my studio in Quarriers village, where I introduced Cameron to my work space and some of the collection of objects that inspire me. I, like Cameron, am a bit of a collector of things. Most hold a feeling of nostalgia, inducing memories from my childhood. There’s a lot of chintz, china, and silverware, much of which remind me of things that could be found in my granny’s house. However, all of the objects I remember from the past, have long since been lost or given away and didn’t hold the same value as I have attached to them, to others in my family. Most of the things I have, I sourced through charity shop raids in a bid to recreate the memories of the ones that are now long gone.  Many of these objects, feature in my own paintings, along with garden birds, another fascination of mine, and in a way another fragile and fleeting object.

We started on day one, with a flying visit to my home. Most of my collection of things are on display there and Cameron seemed to have an affinity with many of them too, happily snapping them with his camera and referencing his own memories attached to them. He was particularly drawn to some photographs of my daughter taken many years ago, of her playing in the cherry blossom of a beautiful tree we had in our back garden. This became our initial starting point in a theme of work that aims to celebrate home, the living room, and the mantle-piece, with a large helping of nostalgia thrown in.

“It’s a great studio Tracy has, out in the countryside, a smashing old building! We did a joint collaboration with the cherry blossoms, I did them and the branches and leaves, Tracy did the little birdies. It was different to work on Linen, it has a different texture.  I’m very pleased with them! They work very well indeed! We worked like sausages!”
Cameron Morgan

Our time together has been a beautiful whirlwind of creativity, we hit the ground running and did not waste a single minute in the studio, or as Cameron put so well, “we worked like sausages!” Over the past 5 days, my studio has been filled with music (and singing from us both) from artists of the past, such as Dean Martin, Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash and the Corries, to name but a few. I have learned that I share far more in common with Cameron than I ever knew, that we like a lot of the same things and I have immensely enjoyed his company.

“I’ve enjoyed working with you, it’s been good fun”
Cameron Morgan

I couldn’t agree more with Cameron, we have produced more work than I could have anticipated too, with further works to be developed. Now that our 5 days are over, it kind of feels like only the beginning of something, not the end."

-Tracy Gorman

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Grosser Schritt (Big Step)’ by Claudia Gorsch

Our Artwork of the Week is 'Grosser Schritt (Big Step)' by Claudia Gorsch. Along with the rest of the artwork in our current show, 'Neu Begegnung', this painting has traveled from Berlin to Glasgow to be part of the Festival 2018. We love this optimistic and energetic depiction of a woman taking a very big leap! The freedom and happiness on show here is enough to brighten anyone's day. The exhibition 'Neu Begegnung' is all work made by artists who attend an art studio at St. Hedwig Krakenhaus in Berlin. We've teamed up with St Hedwig as part of Festival 2018 and had the pleasure of not just hosting their artwork in our current exhibition, but we've also had the pleasure of hosting four of the German artists and two staff from St Hedwig. It's been a brilliant experience for everyone. The exhibtion is up until 1 September!

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Seminar and ReConnect Book Launch in the gallery!

This past Friday Project Ability hosted a seminar and book launch as part of the Festival 2018 cultural programme. It was a pleasure to welcome everyone into the gallery, where our current show, ‘Neu Begegnung’, by artists working at the St Hedwig Krakenhaus in Berlin, is on display.



Festival 2018 supported Project Ability in inviting four of the Berlin artists and two staff from St Hedwig to visit the city for four days. The seminar was aimed to introduce Project Ability to our guests, and share with the public a bit about our ReConnect studios. The tutor from St Hedwig, Ms Paula Schmidt-Dudek spoke about their studio environment and the artists that work there. It was interesting to learn some of the differences and similarities between our two studios. A few artists working in Project Ability’s ReConnect studios spoke as well and a copy of the new ReConnect publication was given to each of the artists.

We ended the afternoon with tours around our workshops on the third floor, sharing with the artists from Berlin our studio and giving them an opportunity to find out more about us, and we had lots of questions for them too. We were sad to see our new friends leave, but we are very happy to have had the chance to meet them and bring their work over from Berlin. We are also delighted at the invitation to exhibit in Berlin with them next year!

A big big thank you to Festival 2018 and St. Hedwig Krakenhaus in Berlin!


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Artwork of the Week - ‘Wasserball’ by Norbert Dichantz

Artwork of the Week celebrates the beginning of the European Championships in Glasgow, which all kicks off today! 'Wasserball' by Norbert Dichantz is in our new show which opens today titled 'Neu Begegnung'. As part of Festival 2018, we have teamed up with artists at St. Hedwig Krakenhaus in Berlin, Germany. Dichantz is one of four artists working at St. Hedwig that will be traveling to Glasgow for four days to part of the celebrations here in the city. There are 32 artists represented in 'Neu Begegnung', all based in Berlin and working at St. Hedwig. We are very pleased to be hosting this exhibition and very excited for the arrival of our six guests, who will be flying over later today from Berlin!

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Ladysbridge Stories visits Project Ability

This weekend we were delighted to have a visit from Ladysbridge Stories participant Davy Jones, who travelled from Aberdeen to share his life-stories and artwork with Project Ability's artists at Trongate 103. It was a day of enthusiastic, informal discussion and creativity, comparing life within Scotland's long-stay hospitals, between the 1970's until their closure in the early 2000's.

In the morning Davy led us through the history of Ladysbridge and his journey to a life in the community, illustrated by archival photography, whilst Cameron Morgan gave an account of his own early life in the Royal National Hospital, Larbert. Doreen Kay spent 10 years as a patient at Lennox Castle Hospital in Campsie Glen and recounted her memories of those times and in contrast John Cocozza gave an insight into life growing up at home within the community.

What shines through starkly is the similarity of experience between those growing up in institutional care, from the categorisation of patients into low, medium and high grade,
the crowded bed-to-bed dormitories, the lack of privacy and the denial of choice in where you went, what you wore or what you ate.

Since the very first Ladysbridge Stories sessions we've been repeatedly drawn back to the historic records of Ladysbridge Hospital, stored within the NHS Grampian Archive in Aberdeen. We've explored the format of the folded patients records, using this as inspiration for the folding of the Ladysbridge Memory Map. In the afternoon we revisited the wonderful marbling which lines the heavy, leather-bound patient's casebooks, to create our own marbled artworks, combining this with imagery collaged from archive photography of the hospitals grounds and austere interiors. The outcomes are stunning,  atmospheric landscapes  within which the distinctive villas and houses of Ladysbridge swirl.

What an inspiring and moving day. It was great to have Davy as our guest!

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