Meet the Volunteers - Jenny Booth

Our current volunteers have been with us since summer, taking part in our different workshop programmes and being a fantastic addition to the Project ability team. Here, we learn more about the brilliant Jenny Booth, who has been volunteering in our Create workshops.

Are you a graduate or undergraduate artist? Can you tell us what course you are on, or a little about your art practice?
I recently graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland here in Glasgow, where I studied Production arts and Design, my specialism being Set and Costume design.

In what workshop did you volunteer?
I volunteered for the Create workshops, with artists aged 16 - 21. I adored working with such an uninhibited and lovely group of young people, some of a similar age to myself.

Why did you apply to volunteer at Project Ability?
I wanted to apply as a volunteer for lots of reasons; one being that I really admired the work of the organisation. Another huge factor for me was my future aspiration of studying art psychotherapy, this seemed like an amazing place to gain relevant and exciting experience. It also happened that the opportunity came along at a time when I decided to get back into my art practice and try to get out of full time work else where, I guess partly I applied to indulge in being around some pretty inspirational young artists in the hope that, while helping, it could motivate and inform my own practice too, something which has definitely happened in abundance.

Did your experience live up to your expectations?
My experience absolutely lived up to my expectations and I love spending my Saturday afternoons in such a vibrant and creative space, the facilities are brilliant and everyone involved is a joy to be around.

What have you learned from your experience with us?
I have learnt to look at my own practice in a more positive light and to really enjoy the process again. I have also hopefully picked up some new skills from the valuable experience in working with young people in a creative and relaxed environment.

Do you have a favourite Project Ability artist or art work that has stood out for you?
It would be hard to pick a particular artist because i’m in awe of how much everyone gets stuck into new projects and sees their work through with rightful glowing admiration for their own creations. I have seen so much work over the past 8 weeks that I have thought were complete genius, one being Matthew’s drawing of the future, which had a picture a history museum filled with modern day things, such a brilliant concept!

Would you recommend others to volunteer with us?
I would definitely recommend volunteering to anyone considering!

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Sarah Kudirka showing in our Project Space

Contemporary artist Sarah Kudirka was here for a research residency in February 2018. She made art about walking in the city and looking up at the sky between buildings, over the Polaroids she took.

“The most productive month of my year, and possibly of my career!”

During her month here Sarah enjoyed being based in our Reconnect studio and became a keen member of the walking group too. Being surrounded by artists working so hard, she was inspired to complete 100 paintings over Polaroids during her residency. She also began working on three big canvases, one of which she has since finished (back in her studio in The Hidden Lane, Finnieston).

From Wednesday 14 to Thursday 15 November Sarah will install the artworks from her residency in our Project Space and will be here from 10-2pm on both days, to chat about it. All welcome!

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Shop Item of the Week - Audrey Hepburn Tote Bag

Our Shop Item of the Week is this very limited edition Audrey Hepburn tote bag by Doreen Kay. The design is silk screen printed, machine washable and priced at £12. There are just a couple of these lovely cotton Hepburn bags available so if you're interested head over to our online shop just now! We are about to launch a whole new range of silk screen tote bags as part of our Pop Up Shop season! So watch this space for more beautiful, playful and creative silk screen tote bags by several different artists at Project Ability. Doreen Kay has done a gorgeous job with Audrey Hepburn and her ultra long cigarette holder, Breakfast at Tiffany's anyone? 

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Artwork of the Week - ‘The Bedroom’ by Sian Mather

Our Artwork of the Week is this absolutely beautiful ceramic tile by Sian Mather. 'The Bedroom', is a very recognisable picture, one any art student or art lover will know very well. One of the most striking elements of this picture is the fact that the perspective is incorrect. Most artists know this was a deliberate choice by Van Gogh. This excerpt of text explains it a bit more...The rules of perspective seem not to have been accurately applied throughout the painting, but this was a deliberate choice. Vincent told Theo in a letter that he had deliberately ‘flattened’ the interior and left out the shadows so that his picture would resemble a Japanese print. Van Gogh was very pleased with the painting: ‘When I saw my canvases again after my illness, what seemed to me the best was the bedroom.’

We love the way Mather has included every last detail, delicately and extremely skillfully with the glazes. Mather is a master of ceramic, and glazing, as her solo show at the Project Ability gallery clearly highlights. There are several gorgeous pieces in this show. If you're looking to start Christmas shopping early Mather's exhibition is a brilliant place to start. This tile, measuring 21 x 20cm is priced at just £75. There are many other small tiles that pay homage to some of our favourite artists, prices starting at £45. It is a unique and beautifully executed body of work on display in Sian Mather's first solo exhibition. Sian Mather, a solo showcase, is in the Project Ability gallery until 17 November.

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Heritage Lottery Project: visit to GMRC

Last Tuesday a group of artists from the Heritage Lottery Project went to Glasgow Museums Resource Centre to see the progress of the exhibition we are curating.

We meet with John and Tony and saw several of the pieces we had selected on the 'core' being built. The 'core' has been constructed from different wooded panels and is in two separate pieces allowing it to be placed inside the display case.

All our objects were not yet on it as several of the shelves and platforms were not yet attached.

Having no previous experience of working with a display case, learning about the core and how it is made in order to display the work as effectively as possible has been a fascinating experience for all of us. We also discussed the panels for the wall and planned advertising postcards for the launch event.

As of now we do not have a date set for the launch but it is looking like it will be in early December.
-Morag Macgilchrist

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Our pop-up shop is coming back to the gallery!

After last year’s success, our pop-up shop is back in the gallery this festive season! This time, you will be able to browse our pop-up shop for the duration of the Christmas exhibition 30 x 30.

Project Ability artists have spent the last few months working on new shop items and original artworks, which will be available to purchase from Saturday 24 November and until Friday 21 December. Cushions, ceramics, homeware, drawings, prints, mobiles, there’s something for every taste, and all at very affordable prices.

Pop by the Project Ability Gallery, Tuesday to Saturday, 10am – 5pm (late opening Thursday 06 December, until 8pm) – you will find some unique gifts idea and know that each purchase helps support our amazing artists create more inspiring art!

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Supporters Evening 2018

This year, our annual Supporters Evening will take place on Friday 23 November, 4pm - 6pm. We would like to invite all our current Supporters and anyone who would be interested in becoming one to the exclusive preview of our Christmas exhibition 30 x 30. 

This event is a great opportunity to meet some of our artists, to see our show and pop up shop before they open to the public the following day, to visit our studios and to enjoy a glass of wine! We will have plenty of original artworks and unique gifts for sale, both in the gallery and in the shop.

This event also marks the start of a 12 months sponsorship towards our exhibitions programme by Mitchells Roberton and Culture & Business Fund Scotland.

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We are delighted to announce two new Gallery sponsors!

The Project Ability Gallery is pleased to announce we have two new sponsors! 

Mitchells Roberton is a medium-sized law firm based in Glasgow. As one of the oldest firms in Scotland, their roots can be traced back to the 1740s.

A couple of years ago we were introduced to Elizabeth Baker, who handles Business Development at Mitchells Roberton. Since then Elizabeth and her colleagues have been regular attendees to our exhibitions. In 2018, they approached us with a very generous and kind offer, wanting to help support our gallery and exhibitions programme. It’s not every day we are approached by a local business, which makes this new relationship all the more unique.
We are delighted to have Mitchells Roberton on board with us now, supporting the gallery for the next twelve months, through financial support and coming to our exhibition receptions and other events organised at Project Ability.

Through this offer of sponsorship from Mitchells Roberton, we were able to apply to the we were able to apply to Arts & Business Scotland’s Culture & Business Fund Scotland, which works to match fund new relationships such as ours that integrate business with the arts. We were very pleased to be awarded this fund as well, and thankful to both Mitchells Roberton and the Culture & Business Fund Scotland for their generosity.

It’s going to make this years’ exhibition programme all the more exciting, enabling us to expand our aims and enrich the experience at the  Project Ability Gallery for both the artists exhibiting and the audience and visitors who come to see the shows!

The first exhibition to be sponsored by Mitchells Roberton and Culture & Business Fund Scotland will be our annual Christmas fundraising exhibition, ‘30 x 30’.

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Shop Item of the Week - Ceramic Penguins!

It's that time of year again when these little guys start waddling out of the kiln. Our Shop Item of the Week is our newest selection of ceramic penguins! In four different glazes, and two different sizes, these little birds are all ready to fly away. 

Although, as we all know, penguins can't fly! So, are they a bird? According to the Oxford dictionary they are.... penguins can’t fly and we typically associate birds with soaring through the air. However, penguins are classified as birds (Aves) in zoological terms. They are black and white flightless seabirds of the family Spheniscidae which are found in the southern hemisphere, chiefly in the Antarctic (although several species live in more temperate regions).

You can find four of these flightless little birds in our online shop, priced at £8 and £12. 

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Artwork of the Week - ‘One’ by Stuart Low

Our Artwork of the Week comes straight off the wall of our Gallery II exhibition, 'Ten Bottles' by Stuart Low. One, pictured here, is a striking painting, working with a traditional still life compostition but adding a strong measure of the artist's own unique creativity. With a focus on line work, the textural qualities of the different subjects in the composition are each given their own identity through colour and line. The bright airy colour palette is a great contrast to the heavy line work going on all over the canvas. We love these paintings for their ingenuity and boldness. Stuart Low has a diverse practice that reaches far beyond his studio work alone. You can read more about this exhibition here, and the artist, here. The reception for this exhibition, and the solo showcase of work by Sian Mather, will both be held this evening from 6-8pm here at Trongate 103. All welcome!

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Heritage Lottery Project: visit to Edinburgh

Last week a group of Project Ability artists went to Edinburgh for the day. We meet at Buchanan bus station and travelled over by bus.

Our first stop was the portrait gallery where we all wandered around taking in several different shows. We then travelled over to the City Art Gallery to meet Mike Inglis and see his show commemorating 40 years of the traveling art bus.

He had created a small village of sorts with a windmill, shop, sleeping areas and gathering point. There was another structure full of art, flyers and objects discarded by artists who had worked on the bus over the years.

We then went upstairs from that to see another exhibition that was a timeline of the buses history. It was a fascinating day out.
-Morag Macgilchrist

This project is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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Project Ability has been Cordially Invited… by Make Studio, Maryland US

Project Ability would like to thank Make Studio in Maryland, USA for inviting us to take part in the digital portion of their latest exhibition titled, 'Cordially Invited'! We were asked to submit just six images, which was quite a tricky task given all of the amazing work that has been made in the Project Ability studios. After much thought, it was decided to use this exhibition as an opportunity to look back at some of our favourite felines from our 2016 CATS exhibition. The six cats chosen are just a small collection of some of the stunning pictures we exhibited during the CATS show. Congratulations to the following artists, whose cats and tigers are part of the exhibition... Mhairi Macdonald, Dearbhail McGrory, Charlie Miller, Lesley Nimmo, Obi Oguguo, and Steven Reilly!

Mhairi Macdonald | Cat

Charlie Miller | Tiger


Dearbhail McGrory | My Old Cat


Lesley Nimmo | Rousseau's Tiger


Obi Oguguo | Happy Cat


Steven Reilly | Cats on Cars in the African Savanna

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Shop Item of the Week - Matryoshka Doll IV

Our Shop Item of the Week is this mesmorising original artwork by Jaqui Smyth titled 'Matryoshka Doll IV'. This gorgeous painting on paper measures 42 x 30cm and can be purchased from our online shop for £35.00. This matryoshka doll was originally made for our first exhibition of the year, the dolls exhibition - and it helped to inspire the title, 'can't take my eyes off of you'. This is simply a wonderful painting and would make a perfect gift for someone special, or as a treat for yourself. It is unframed on paper but Project Ability does have an affordable framing service available to our customers. 

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Adam and Eve’ by Michael McMullen

Our Artwork of the Week celebrates our current exhibition, 'a solo showcase by Michael McMullan'. This is an ink drawing of 'Adam and Eve', and it is one of two drawings in the exhibition that focus on this recognisable duo. We love McMullan's simple and confident pen work going on in this drawing, complete with fig leaves and all. This exhiibtion is only up until the end of the week so if you want to come by to see the work please note this Saturday is the last day it will be on show. It is a wonderful selection of McMullan's work, which covers painting, drawing and print making. 

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Spooky Movie Night

Our Spooky Movie Night is back, and this year we will be screening an absolute classic: Beetlejuice!

Join us on Thursday 08 November at 7pm, come dressed up (or not), and get ready to be spooked! Each entry costs £10 and includes pizza, nibbles, a free drink and a raffle ticket. The best costume will win a prize!

Book your tickets now, you can purchase them from our 3rd floor reception.

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Exciting new project with GSA

Today a group of Glasgow School of Art students, from the Sculpture and Environmental Art department, joined us at Trongate 103 for a tour and introduction to Project Ability in preparation of an exciting new project. 

Final year students from SAE have been invited to propose a project as part of their degree course work, to work with us collaboratively in our 3rd floor studios.  Today we met the potential candidates for this exciting project and very much look forward to receiving the student’s proposals.

Watch this space for further developments in the new and exciting project.

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Heritage Lottery Fund awards a research grant to a group of Project Ability artists

The Heritage Lottery has awarded our artists a grant to research, reflect and interpret historical and contemporary art collections of work created by untrained artists, people in hospital and long stay institutions and others who have been and are, compelled to create for their own purpose. 

Starting with Joyce Laing’s Art Extraordinary collection which is held by Glasgow Museums the artists will go on to access collections in public ownership to consider issues of ownership and artistic intent.  At the end of the project they will share their individual responses in an exhibition of images and text.

Thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund, and well done to our artists! 

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Artist in residence - Yeonjoo Cho

Our new residency programme started last month, with talented painter and recent graduate Yeonjoo Cho spending a month in our studios. She tells us more about her practice and her experience at Project Ability.

"I am a contemporary painter who explores gender, identity and culture through landscape paintings. I got a Master’s degree last September at the Glasgow School of Art and am currently thinking about a new art project which is more focused on the form of painting and feminist issues.

Since I have experienced being marginalised as a woman, or as an Asian or as both, I have been interested in many social issues related to equality. In addition, in Scotland, I was often considered as a stranger, struggling with communication in English and I roughly could understand and empathise with the aim of Project Ability: creating opportunities for people with disabilities through art.

Also, because most of the people I hung out with in Glasgow were people who studied art or who were in the art scene, I wanted to expose myself to a new environment which would allow me to meet people who have different backgrounds. Thus, when I read the notice of this residency programme, I thought there would be something I can share and learn from other artists at Project Ability.

And, as I expected, I met many artists who were very open minded toward a new artist who just became a member of the shared studio. Whenever they had a workshop, they stopped by my place to ask questions about my work and to share their experiences, which enabled me to blend in more easily. Since the atmosphere was very warm and everyone looked so passionate, I could be relaxed and push myself to think about my new art project. For me, it was like a perfect bridge which connects the art school or small isolated studio to the broader world. What I try to pursue through my art practice is not art for art’s sake but art which tells stories about me, other people and our society. And this one month was a nice opportunity to feel it in real life. 

As an emerging artist who just graduated from art school, it was also a nice experience to have a studio and an access to other artists’ studios and workshops. Project Ability offered me lots of professional tools and materials to focus on my practice. Therefore, in practical aspects, it also helped me a lot to continue my practice and to do more experiments.

Overall, I got positive energy and inspiration from lots of supportive artists and staff members at Project Ability. I am hoping that there was something I contributed for the other artists as well."
-Yeonjoo Cho

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Shop Item of the Week - GOMA by Martin Sloss

Our Shop Item of the Week is this playful mixed media painting of the Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art. Painted by Martin Sloss, this painting packs a punch with its colour and form. Recently on display at the Glad Cafe on the South Side, it is back at Project Ability now and available to purchase from our online shop. Measuring 50x70cm, and available for purchase for £70, this original painting would make a lovely gift for someone special who loves Glasgow and art!

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Nick Drake’ by Peter Christie

Artwork of the Week is this small portrait of Nick Drake painted by Create artist Peter Christie. The minimal lines and blurred edges create a soft unfinished look to the musician and song writer. Like his real life persona, this portrait leaves a lot of mystery and subtle charm to be discovered. Nick Drake the artist was known to avoid interviews and apparently the video camera as there are nothing but still images of him from his adult life and career.

'Nick Drake' is just one of many brilliant artworks on show in our 2018 Young Talent exhibition, which represents almost all of the young artists that work at Project Ability! With one week to go, there's still time to check it out.

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Shop Item of the Week - 2019 Calendar!!!

It's coming to that time of year again when we start thinking ahead! Our Shop Item of the Week is hot off the press... These lovely calendars showcase images from our exhibition titled 'Scotland, the land beneath our feet', and they are filled with images of Scotland! They have just arrived with us and you can find them for purchase for £10, both in our gallery shop at Trongate 103 and our online shop just here.

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Malcesine on Lake Garda’ by Andrew Crosbie

This week we are celebrating Artwork of the Week with this colurful sea and city scape by Andrew Crosbie titled 'Malcesine on Lake Garda'. This canvas is currently in our gallery here at Trongate 103 as part of our Young Talent 2018 exhibtion, which is running until Saturday the 13th of October. Malcesine is a small town on the eastern shore of Lake Garda in northern Italy, and has been beautifully captured in this depiction by Crosbie. We are delighted to say this painting was purchased today from the Young Talent show, congratulations to the artist! There are still several amazing artworks still available from this exhibition, and it is well worth a look. We are open late today for 1st Thursday, serving wine and soft drinks. All welcome!

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Project Ability seeks a Vice-Chair and new Board Members

Project Ability currently has a Board of 7 directors and is looking to strengthen the Board with the addition of at least 2 new directors in the following roles.

Vice-Chair Role

Project Ability is seeking a Vice-Chair to work alongside the Chairperson and the Board.  The ideal candidate will already have extensive Board experience, ideally in an arts charity, and will be someone who is seeking an opportunity to build on this.  In addition to the Board member role, the Vice-Chair would be expected to work closely with and support the Chair, deputising when required.  Our intention is that the Vice-Chair will succeed the current Chairperson at the end of 2019.

Board Member Role

At Project Ability, we aim to have a spread of skills within our Board.  As a Board Member you will be able to offer the organisation experience and expertise in one or more of the following areas of work:

• Visual arts practice
• Learning disability
• Mental health and wellbeing
• Education and learning
• Health and social care
• Management, strategic and business planning
• Financial management
• Fund raising
• Human Resources


Our Board meets six times a year.  Board meetings are all held in the Project Ability centre at Trongate 103 and meetings start at 5.30pm.  In addition, the Board has a sub-committee of Board Members for finance and fundraising.  These sub-committees meet between board meetings to address specific matters identified by the Board.  All Board members are encouraged to join one of the sub-committees.

In new Board Members, we are keen to find people who are willing to give the necessary time and effort, to take part in events, and who are open to excellence in learning, development and training – both for themselves and others.

Board Members’ Responsibilities
Project Ability is a Company Limited by Guarantee, and has Scottish Charity status SC005226.  As a Board Member you will be a Director of the Company and a charity trustee, with a legal responsibility for overseeing its direction and policy, and for ensuring that it operates within the law and continues to fulfil its charitable purposes. 

At Project Ability we make a clear distinction between “Governance” which is the overseeing responsibility of the Board, and “Management” of the organisation, which is the day to day, month by month, operational work, which is the responsibility of the staff.

The role of Board Members is to:
• ensure Project Ability operates within the limits of its Memorandum and Articles of Association
• ensure Project Ability functions within the legal and financial requirements of a company and charitable institution and complies with all relevant legislation or regulations
• agree the annual budget and decide on major resource issues
• approve the annual accounts
• appoint and review senior staff
• ensure that the work of the organisation is done effectively and efficiently, and that the people who do the work are properly managed and supported.
• monitor performance against agreed objectives and targets
• represent and promote Project Ability externally

These responsibilities fall collectively on all the Members of the Board.  In addition to these duties, each board member should use any specific, knowledge or experience they have to help the Board reach sound decisions, plan, identify key issues and provide guidance on new initiatives.

Please download an application pack and send it to Elisabeth Gibson at by Friday 02 November. 

Click here for the full recruitment advert.

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Our Christmas Cards and Calendars have arrived!

Is it too early to mention Christmas yet? Because we have just received our Christmas cards from the printers, and they look fantastic! This year, you will have a choice between Ashley Campbell's 'Snowman', James Pert's print 'Hygge' and Pauline Jackson's 'Rudolph'. Each pack of 10 cards is for sale for £5

Our brand new 2019 calendar is also now available to purchase in our shop, for only £10. Featuring paintings of Scottish landmarks and landscapes from last year's Christmas show 'Scotland, The Land Beneath our Feet', it is a thing of beauty! 

Pop by our gallery shop and get yours now! A great way to get something different from the high street and to support our inspiring artists! 

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Ladysbridge Stories - The Book!

Ladysbridge Stories is a social history project based around the former Ladysbridge Hospital in Aberdeenshire, funded by the Heritage Lottery and produced by Project Ability and C-Change Scotland.

Over the course of a year ex-residents and staff came together to reflect on the former community of Ladysbridge Hospital, through conversation, drawing, site visits and archive visits. 

All the information that was gathered can be found at, while the Ladysbridge Stories book tells the history of the hospital and brings the story up to date, comparing life then and life now. The hospital closed for good in 2003. 

The website and book are an important reminder that while there were good times, and people were safe and formed their own protected community, people with learning disabilities were out of sight and out of mind to most of the rest of the world.

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Open Museum project - Week 6

Last week, the group working on the Art Extraordinary exhibition meet with Claire and Cheryl in what was our last visit from GMRC. We are in no means finished with the project though. We have two visits planned one to GMRC to meet again with technician John to see the core building process, and one in Pollok to meet with the Leverndale group who are working on another case in the exhibition.

As well as that we will be meeting in the coming weeks to continue and finalise the various pieces of text for the project. We will also be photographing work by the group to be displayed alongside the Art Extraordinary and working on a design for a flyer or leaflet of some type to advertise the launch, which will take place some time in November. Keep an eye out for the date when we know!
-Morag Macgilchrist

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Thompson Hall at Project Ability

Earlier this month, London-based artist Thompson Hall visited Project Ability with his ActionSpace Artist Facilitator Lisa Brown for a three day residency in our studios. Here is what he had to say about his experience.

"I would like to thank Project Ability for inviting me to spend time in their studio for a residency. Doing a short residency was one of the things I identified as the next step after the exhibition I created with my studio colleague Ian Wornast, My Life in London, which was shown at two venues in London earlier this year.

I feel that being around the other artists that I met at Project Ability was very inspiring because it enabled me to find out about their work and at the same time learn some new skills, such as making my own canvases and producing lots of prints from the drawings I did in my sketchbook on the train. 

I also found working alongside Lisa Brown, my ActionSpace Artist Facilitator, who was making some work as well, was very useful and has inspired me to make more work and given me ideas for doing more things in the future. 

I felt I enjoyed the whole experience in spending time just experimenting with different materials and not being under pressure to produce work for an exhibition. I also felt more relaxed around the people I met. I wish I could have spent more time with them to talk about my work and ask them questions about their work. I’m looking forward to visiting Project Ability again at the beginning of next year, when my exhibition will be in the gallery. I hope I will get to have more time getting to know your artists a lot more. 

I was very happy to be there."
-Thompson Hall

Thompson Hall is at Studio Artist at Action Space, a London based arts organisation that supports artists with Learning Disabilities. 
Images from My Life in London and more of Thompson’s work can been seen here.   

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Shop Item of the Week ‘Girl,Kitten’ by Jim Feeney

Our Shop Item of the Week features 'Girl and Kitten' by Jim Feeney. This painting measures 50x60cm and can be purchased from our online shop for £190. 'Girl and Kitten' also includes, in addition to the girl and kitten, a large amount of graffiti on the Glasgow tenement wall. The picture initially looks like a scene from 1950's or 60's Glasgow, but upon closer inspection of the graffiti text it is evident that it is a reflection of Glasgow's past and its present. The artist often uses graffiti as subject matter to express political views with a bit of humour, cynicism and nostalgia all rolled into one powerful little painting! Feeney recently had a series of paintings purchased by the NHS for display in their Glasgow offices, and he is currrently working on a new series of nostalgic Glasgow paintings. You can see more of Feeney's work here. If you are interested in purchasing this oil painting on canvas, you can find it here online!

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Cherry Blossoms’ by Anna Russell

Our Artwork of the Week is this beautiful, large scale painting titled 'Cherry Blossoms'! The young artist, Anna Russell, has created this gorgeous piece in Project Ability's Saturday Create workshops. The composition and colours are sophisticated and easy on the eye. The soft brush strokes of the blossoms give a great texture to the surface of the canvas. The paint is thick and the artist has ensured every inch of the canvas has been treated with thoughtful consideration. We don't normally list sizing and prices for our Artwork of the Week, but today is an exception! Sized 100x120cm, this stretched canvas can be purchased from our 2018 Young Talent exhibition for £80. The gallery is currently full of amazing artworks made by the young artists that work here, it is a show not to be missed!

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Open Museum project - Week 5

"Last week the group of artists working on the Open Museum project met with Tony again and also John, the design and technical officer. John will be constructing the core of our display, the core is the section inside a display case that the pieces hang and sit on, it compromises a back and side with shelves custom built to suit the exhibit.

We will be able to go to GMRC and visit to see our specific core being built. We continued to work on our overall theme for the exhibition and what our 150 word statement will be. We also made final choices on the pieces we are putting in, each of us choosing two.

The next step is to finalise all the writing, including a label for each individual piece. We also discussed the opportunity to display photos of our work on the side panels of the display case. We also watched a short film about Angus McPhee by Nick Higgins titled 'Hidden Gifts, the Mystery of Angus McPhee', it was fascinating."
-Morag Macgilchrist

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