Artwork of the Week by ‘Elephant with Man’ Thomas Owen

This week we look at another stunning picture from our x3 collaborative exhibition with ActionSpace and Venture Arts! Altered Space is a three man show and this piece, highlighted today as our Artwork of the Week,  is by London based ActionSpace artist Thomas Owen. There is a real collage feeling to Thomas Owen’s artworks despite them being made from pen on paper. The way he mixes his shapes, patterns, colours and pen work create a patch work effect which allows you to get lost in all of the different pen strokes. Beautifully intricate, you can read below the audio description for this piece by Venture Arts artist Sally Hirst:

There is red corner background on the right

a tiny person dressed in black clothing

he’s in between the red and blue – so light

the character has many arms holding elephant

or maybe puff of gray smoke under the little man, above big person

he’s red faced with long black mask

the big bloke

slight yellow background but such small portion

dark pink top the big person is wearing

some arms holding white boxes with circles

red back ground and big red man, so daring

in back ground small triangle light purple

Lots going on in colourful artwork fun and abstract with its own unique quirks.


You can listen to more of Sally Hirst’s poetic descriptions on the Altered Space webpage! All three artists, Luca Agathogli, the Stokesley Brothers and Thomas Owen have contributed a selection of their strongest work for this show, and it is well worth a look. It is a virtual exhibition only so just head over to Altered Space!