Artwork of the Week – ‘Castle, 2017’ by Luca Agathogli

Castle, made of tiny blocks of colour

blues yellows whites greens, in each of the blocks

still see grey in parts that are uncovered 

two circular windows made of grey rocks

one is purple another has grey bars

there’s some green grass on the castle and ground

some black curved spike on the side that can scar 

big white clouds up in the blue sky, so round

just about see balcony blended in 

the entrance to Castle is not in sight,

compared to some castles it’s short and thin 

we’re looking up at castle with our eyes

Castle is small but it’s high up on hill

 to break in must take a lot of great skill

The above text is transcribed from the audio description recording created by Sally Hirst for Luca Agathoglis Digital Illustration Photograph titled ‘Castle, 2017’. You can listen to more of her dreamlike descriptions whilst viewing all of the artworks in our current online exhibition, ‘Altered Space’.

‘Altered Space’ explores the ways we view our environment, reflecting on the past year and the resulting shift in how we interact with space. In this second instalment of our x3 project, Luca Agathogli (Venture Arts), Thomas Owen (ActionSpace) and Ronnie & Paul Stokesley (Project Ability) share their unique perspectives and way of viewing our physical world.

Luca Agathogli is a young emerging artist working with Venture Arts supported studios since 2013.  Luca creates intricate artworks that reflect, and fantastically reimagine, his surroundings. He uses digital and analogue photography alongside computer graphics, usually Photoshop, to merge his fascination with the world around him with colourful and fantastical influences, such as digital fantasy style landscapes and online graphic novels, to produce his intricate and multi-layered art works.

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