Artwork of the Week – Bug Collages by Catherine Rankine!

Ladybirds, beetles and butterflies, oh my!!

Artwork of the Week comes fluttering along in the cut-out paper shapes of these creepy crawlies! Catherine Rankine has worked with Project Ability for several years, and usually creates her fun animal artworks on canvases. She has mastered the art of capturing the most loveable qualities in the animals she creates, whether they be bugs, kittens or hippos! These tiny little creatures here were made during lockdown 2020, using collage with magazines, paper and tissue paper. The black marker pen does a perfect job at adding the little faces, antennae and legs!

As we’ve been noticing, one interesting thing about all of the lockdown artworks is seeing how artists have adapted, and how this has changed their work. This is true for Catherine as well. Often times changing medium or style can bring about new and exciting developments in the studio (or at home as the case may be at the moment!)

Keep up the amazing work Catherine!

If you’d like to read a bit more about Catherine and her work you can follow this link to see the solo show she had with us a few years back.

These two artworks by Catherine Rankine can be seen alongside many other amazing artworks in our current show, ‘As TimeStood Still, Part Two’

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