Lockdown Postcards by Tommy Mason!

As we continue with our Lockdown Postcards project, we thought it time to unveil our most prolific postcard maker to date! For anyone familiar with Tommy Mason and his artworks, it will come as no surprise that we have amassed close to 100 postcards by Tommy Mason since the first Lockdown began. All in his most recognisable and loved style. We have a huge variety of characters here, some labeled, some not. It’s clear that some of these figures reference the old films Tommy Mason loves to watch, and which he has been watching all the more of during lockdown. An old western is probably his favourite, though the mafia film characters do make an appearance.

Tommy Mason lives alone and has been shielding for most of the last year. Project Ability keeps in touch with regular phone calls, and although it hasn’t been the best year, we are thrilled to see the creativity in Tommy has not dampened one bit. Despite the continued output of top quality drawings he is producing from home, we do want to be able to invite Tommy, and all of the Project Ability artists,  back into the studios just as soon as we possibly can. Our technician Jim is working hard to get everything ready for when we can finally reopen, go Jim!

For now, please enjoy this small selection of Lockdown Postcards by Tommy Mason:



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