Tommy Mason at ЯEVERB

A Bird Flying by Tommy Mason is one of the artworks in Visual Arts Scotland‘s virtual exhibition ‘Яeverb’ which is online from 19 March – 29 April. The vibrant colours and graphic shapes of Mason’s piece set our spirits soaring. Яeverb is the most extensive VAS exhibition in…Read On

euward 8 with Cameron Morgan

We are excited to announce that Project Ability’s Cameron Morgan has been selected to be part of the prestigious euward8 exhibition! Morgan will be exhibiting 14 large oil paintings in this years euward, including the entirity of his collection, ‘TV…Read On

Paralym Art World Cup 2020

This is the second year that Project Ability has had the pleasure of being part of the Paralym Art World Cup in Tokyo, Japan. The Theme for 2020 was Peace (平和)! You can browse the whole exhibition of artworks here….Read On

Cordially Invited III, Maryland USA

Project Ability is back once again… showing a brilliant selection of work in Make Studio’s virtual exhibition, ‘Cordially Invited III’. Organised by Make Studio in Maryland, US, this exhibition gives some of our artists an opportunity to have their work…Read On