It’s in the Detail

11th June 2021 all-day

Project Ability’s exhibition ‘It’s in the detail’ is part of Glasgow International 2021

The exhibition features work from three artists: Leslie ThompsonNils McDiarmid and Robin Wise.

Leslie Thompson, Nils McDiarmid and Robin Wise are all expert draughtsmen, and this is what ties their work together.

We are interested in the differences between these three artists’ practices, as well as their similarities. Each an adult man with a learning disability, a highly creative mind and a skilful ability to draw both from memory and life. Each of these artists has lead a very different life, and we would like to draw attention to how this comes through in their art.

With all three artists, the attention to detail through line making is exceptional. This exhibition will be an astounding presentation of drawings that capture and recreate three very different lives.

Leslie Thompson is an established artist within the disability arts scene. He works out of the supported studio Venture Arts in Manchester.

Nils McDiarmid is an emerging artist working out of the support studio Garvald in Edinburgh. He is interested in depicting rappers and musicians of the hip hop and RnB scene.

Robin Wise often used his drawings to depict the life he lived in Newton Dee, an interestingly designed community for adults with learning disabilities.

Header image by Robin Wise