Project : ‘Our 100 Portraits’

Our 100 portraits

Core Artists: Cameron Morgan, Doreen Kay, Jonathan McKinstry, Paul Rankin, John Mc Naught

Project Facilitator: Valerie O’Regan (Artist/Tutor)

Project Ability has been awarded a grant from the Heritage Lottery to develop a project called ‘Our 100 Portraits’. Our 100 Portraits will use portraiture and text to capture a picture of the learning disability community in Scotland in this unprecedented time. It’s about finding out who is important to learning disabled people, who make a difference and envisioning these stories through portraiture, one of the most powerful art forms in visual art. The project will take place over four blocks of 5 weeks starting in October/November 2020, then January/February 2021, April/May 2021 and June/July 2021. There will be a final exhibition of the work created in October 2021. Much of the project will take place online from regular meetings and interviews with policymakers and influencers in the learning disability community in collaboration with SCLD, the Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability, and the artists will have workshops with Human Geographer, Cheryl McGeachan from Glasgow university.

The portrait size is A3, paper, paint, pastel, pen, pencil, charcoal etc.

The artists are working from home at their kitchen tables/home studios. Sharing opinions, thoughts and approaches to developing this project, Each artist is exploring Portraiture from a very broad perspective, focusing on the genres and techniques that are familiar and new as well as exploring portraiture as a narrative and to celebrate the many lives of learning disabled people. In addition to the core artists working on the ‘Our 100 Portrait’ project, there has been a call out throughout Project Ability inviting artists to take part in this project. Artists are supported by Project Ability Tutors, Alison Mitchell, Sharon Quigley, Meredith Crone, and Sandi Kiehlmann through Project Ability’s current digital workshop programme.

Funded by @HeritageFundUK

Block 1: ‘Portraiture: Image and Identity (click to find out more) 


Block 2: ‘Identifying Key People for Portraits’

Our 100 portraits


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