Artwork of the Week – by Simon McAuley

This week our Artwork of the Week looks at a series of small photographs on display as part of our exhibition, ‘The Nature of Ideas’. These gorgeous dark images are close up tree views. They show the heavy textures going on within nature and the wonder of taking the time to really look. Their darkness makes us think of a thick forest of trees, filled with both living and dead matter, layering up on the floor of the forest, giving rise to beautiful trees and other flora.

Simon McAuley has a very fine eye for photography, and this lends itself very well to his other creative outlets;  painting and writing. If you missed our Shop Item of the Week it happens to be a publication Simon composed on the subject of labeling and Outsider Art. You can find, ‘For the Purpose of Identification’  in our online shop. We are excited to reveal that Simon is doing some writing for us about our upcoming Glasgow International exhibition, ‘It’s In The Detail‘!

For now though we are admiring this recent series of photographs, on show now in our exhibition which is also part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival. Check out Simon McAuley’s images below and view the whole show on the exhibition webpage here.

Gallery of Images by Simon McAuley

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