GSA Project – Amy Di Rollo

GSA Project - Amy Di Rollo

The Glasgow School of Art students are still in our studios this week, finishing up their projects. Today, we’d like to tell you more about Amy Di Rollo and her collaborative work with two of our Art Matters artists: Michael Stark and Michael Earll.

“We’re Michael, Michael and Amy- Glasgow’s newest film-making collective. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been producing our own police-cop film, making props and costumes out of cardboard.

From the beginning we all agreed that we would work as a democracy, none of us are in charge and we only make stuff that we’re all interested in. We began by story-boarding and script writing- Michael and Michael have the most incredible sense of humour, so it was a breeze. We found a mutual love of shows like Brass Eye and The Day Today and spent the first few weeks “researching” by watching clips like Bomb Dogs. We decided to make a police-cop film.

GSA Project - Amy Di Rollo

We then started making bulletproof vests, handcuffs and police radios from cardboard and leftover materials from around the space, working around the script that one of the Michaels had begun to write. We’re one day into filming and it’s clear that we’re about to give Dirty Harry a run for its money!

It’s been an amazing experience working alongside Michael and Michael and I am so not ready for it to be over. Discovering a mutual love for making with the artists within Project Ability has really grounded my personal art practice and reminded me why I became an artist in the first place. Collaboration is such an important part of making and equal say is integral to collaboration.

Once we’ve finished filming and editing we’re going to hold a film screening (hopefully in an actual cinema!) and a Directors Q+A. Hawaii Five-O watch this space!”
-Amy Di Rollo

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