GSA Project – Issy Arnold

GSA project - Issy Arnold

Issy Arnold is one of six students from the Glasgow School of Art’s Sculpture and Environmental Arts department involved in our GSA Project. Here she talks about her collaboration with Aspire artists Adnan Mohammed and Jonathan McKinstry.

“I’ve been working with Jonathan and Adnan in the Monday and Friday Aspire groups, making work inspired by our shared love of all things wrestling. We’ve made giant cardboard Lucha Libre masks, clay heads, prints, invented comic book characters and even attended a live wrestling show!

I’ve loved working with Jonathan and Adnan and being within the studio with all the other Aspire artists. It’s been really refreshing to work in this environment and with artists that aren’t afraid to dive headfirst into any new project, and I’ve learnt A LOT about the wonderful world of wrestling, from the home work Jonathan has been giving me and from chatting to him and Adnan while we rip up bits of cardboard for our masks.

I thought I was into wrestling before but this project has definitely started a lifelong obsession, not to mention a new freedom in approaching the way I make work, that I’m sure will carry into my own practice outside of Project Ability – I’ve got so much more to learn!”

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