Painting by Mhyra Thomas in Mono

Project Ability at Mono

Project Ability is back at Mono for another festive exhibition! These works have been chosen for exhibition by Aspire tutor Alison Mitchell. Project Ability has close ties with Mono, located just a two minute walk away from us. On top…Read On

2018 Supporters Evening Invitation

30 x 30

We are delighted to present our annual Christmas fundraising exhibition: 30 x 30! This year, we celebrate the artist and their individual practice! Our only theme is size: all works, whether framed or unframed, are 30 x 30 cm. Project…Read On


Call out for artworks: 30 x 30

Project Ability’s 2018 Annual Christmas Exhibition 24 November – 22 December Calling ALL artists! Our annual Christmas exhibition celebrates the artist! Our only theme this year is size: all works, whether framed or unframed, must be 30 x 30 cm….Read On

Solo showcase Sian Mather - The Bedroom Van Gogh

Solo Showcase: Sian Mather

We are delighted to present a Solo Showcase by Sian Mather. Mather is a multi-talented artist working in Project Ability’s ReConnect studio. Her style crosses several mediums and combines new ideas with the traditional. The result is a harmonious and…Read On

Superman and car (2018)

Solo Showcase: Michael McMullan

Project Ability is delighted to present a selection of artwork by Aspire artist Michael McMullan. McMullan has been attending Project Ability for several years now, and his creativity and unique style continue to develop and become more and more remarkable…Read On

Ten Bottles

Ten Bottles

Stuart Low has an art practice that reaches beyond the art studio. He is actively engaged in the Glasgow and UK art culture, and often feeds his interest in the arts through getting involved in many different creative projects. In…Read On

Dominic Hemphill-Whyte

Dominic Hemphill-Whyte

“Dominic Hemphill-Whyte was born in 1998 and diagnosed with autism at an early age. Since he began painting, both at school and Project Ability art class in Glasgow, he quickly developed his own unique style and magical sense of colour….Read On

Greg Coultas - Tractor Tractor

Young Talent 2018

It is time to announce one of Project Ability’s most exciting exhibitions of the year … Young Talent! Young Talent showcases work from young artists attending our Create workshops. As usual we have a brilliant mix of paintings, drawings, prints,…Read On

Catherine Rankine - Blackpool

Aspire at Glad Cafe

Project Ability is pleased to be back at the Glad Café this autumn with a selection of new canvases from our Aspire studios! 2017 was our first year showing at the Glad Café, and we are delighted to be back…Read On

changing faces

Changing Faces

Project Ability is pleased to host a three day flash exhibition in our 3rd floor Project Space from the 9-11 August. This exhibition has been devised and organised as a collaborative portrait project led by Resident Artist Sarah Leonard, carer…Read On